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            "I come from a proud family that has been involved in public and community service for as long as I can remember. Our family made a commitment when we moved here 25 years ago to be involved in civic and educational endeavors that promote our citizens, community and country.

           Our city government have kept us on solid financial shape ensuring an efficient and conservative use of taxpayer funds. The city received a 98% satisfaction rate for the quality of life in Colleyville. Public safety and services are at an extraordinary high level in our city. We enjoy being the safest place in Texas to live according to SafeWise 2013, due to the excellent service provided by our police.  Our tax rate is the second lowest tax rate in Northeast Tarrant County and our citizens give the city an 81% satisfaction with the value of service from taxes paid."                                            

                                                      Forum for Colleyville City Council Place 5 and Place 6                                            



"I was elected to serve 3 terms as a GCISD Trustee while my five children were in school. Now that they are grown, I have decided to return to an electoral position of service by running for Colleyville City Council Place 5. "Family is the basic unit in society within a community."

“My past record as PTSA president at Colleyville Heritage High School and as a GCISD Trustee prove that I make fiscally conservative decisions. I pledge to represent all citizens, and will base my City Council votes on the facts of record. I will conduct the city's business in a fair, transparent, and professional manner.”



“Colleyville has a flavor for being a unique small town. Through my years of service on several Committees: the Library Board; Historical Preservation; Parks and Recreation; and the Tree Committee, plus 14 years on the Chamber of Commerce, Keep Colleyville Beautiful, Colleyville Women’s Club, and Colleyville Garden Club, I have learned what the younger and older citizens of this community want to preserve and develop for future generations.  I have a record of listening to citizens, helping them resolve problems and changing policies when necessary. I appreciate Colleyville’s diverse faith community. I have served both in my church and many other churches in our community through the BSA program for over 25 years. We are richly blessed by all faiths that teach unity and community volunteerism.”


"A main function of government is to provide good roads, water and economic development, so one has the freedom to pursue their livelihood and enjoy a good family life.


"Our community is at a place of transitional change, much of the original infrastructure is reaching its limits in age and capacity. Renewing the infrastructure is needed alongside maintaining our unique small town character. My background of working with different government entities on the school board, has given me the background to visualize abstract concepts, design, and budgets. Colleyville’s financial health is strong and its’ quality public services are known all over Texas."


First, we need to renew City infrastructure which includes the Glade Road and Hwy 26 Projects, as well as water and sewer.  That requires continuing a conservative approach to managing the City's budget. Second, funding the infrastructure renewal means further sensible economic development.  We must expand sales tax revenues, especially in our central business district, to offset the increasing percentage of property owners over 65 with frozen property taxes.  Finally, our 98% satisfaction rate for the quality of life in our city is under challenge.  I will work to maintain it through transparency and listening to all of our citizens.


"I look forward to working with the citizens of Colleyville at this time of transition. I am committed to protecting Colleyville’s unique small-town character in our neighborhoods while transforming our commercial district to encourage good economic growth that will help to diversify our revenue base."


I ask for your VOTE.

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